June 16, 2024

what causes you should avoid studying in the UK as an international student both for undergraduate and postgraduate students you need to ensure that when you’re applying to study in the UK you avoid some of the courses I will be mentioning in this video so if you think it’s interesting don’t go anywhere keep watching till the end if you’re coming across my YouTube channel for the first time welcome my name is Daniel I currently reside in the UK and I share videos around traveling abroad so if you’re looking for a place to get first and information as regards to location abroad and trust me guys you’re in the right place please click on the red subscribe button below to join the amazing growing family and from returning subscribers thank you guys for the love thank you for being here I really do appreciate you guys so without further Ado let’s get right in to the video the choice of Scholars to study in the UK is one of the most important decisions you have to make as regards studying in the UK because the truth is the future of your stay in the UK is dependent on your ability to you know move from being a student to getting a job that is really to sponsor you to stay back in the UK and I’m going to be listing some of the courses that based on UK statistics has got the lowest employability rate so if you’re planning to study some of these courses I’ll be listed in this video they need to have a change of Hearts you need to strategize and go for a better course now if you move to the UK on its year four Visa which is also known as the student’s Visa now for instance stay back in the country you need to ensure you get a job upon completion of your program to sponsor your visa on a tier two visa which you need to stay on that visa for five years before you can apply for what is known as ilr uh which is you’re indefinite leaves to remain in the UK however now the ability to move from your tier 4 to a tier two is dependent on the kind of cost you study your ability to be able to get a job upon completion of a program that’s why it’s very important before you choose to study a course you need to put some certain things into consideration now so before you decide to click on that particular course to study vote for undergraduates or postgraduate studies you need to put some things into consideration before you do that now the first thing is do you have interest in the subject area now so many International students come into the UK to study just any course and along the line they struggle some of them find it very difficult to even complete their studies in the UK I’ve come across lots of people who are finding difficult to meet up with their assessment deadlines you know sorting out their dissertation and many of those thoughts and this is because some of them end up studying courses that they have no or zero interest and in now for someone like me I’ve got a first degree in Biochemistry and at the moment I’m studying the Masters in Business Administration in the United Kingdom there’s no correlation honestly and I would have struggled at the beginning and one thing about the UK is regardless of your first degree the most of their courses they end up if you’re able to prove to them that you can cope they end up giving you those courses and so many people just Transit you know people are actually going to Tech now and people you know just keep applying for Tech related uh programs animals that are struggling at the moment some of them can’t even comprehend all the things that are being taught so it’s very important for you to ensure that you choose a course of study that you have interesting so when I complete my program I’m undergraduate studies in Nigeria I ventured into business basically and I think there’s so many business you know business Workshop back in Nigeria even my last job before I left Nigeria I was in a three-month intense business Workshop so I basically trans uh you know moved from um transition from Sciences to business you know before I even came to the UK I would debuted two online platforms that still generate me income for me as at the time I’m making this video so it was easy for me to be able to survive and it’s evidently in my grades at the moment and most of my courses I was able to have you know distinction grades in them because I came to study business which is something I’m so passionate about you know what I mean and since I came to the ukrd includes my stream of income by two already even despite doing a full-time you know studies in the UK so it’s very important for you to be able to choose the course of study that you have so much interest in the unless I can’t think you need to put into consideration is that you need to be sure that the course you’re coming to study in the UK has got post aspects in the job market honestly guys before you come to the UK make sure that you type the um the profession uh you end up you know I’ve been in the UK after your course and see if there are jobs for them on many of the UK job website like indeed CV Library you know and so many other job websites in the UK so you need to ensure that you make a research and we show that a job the course you’re studying has got a prospect for you in the job market you don’t want to solve your course and end up discovering that there actually no jobs for this course in the UK so that’s very very much important so make sure you do your research don’t just choose the course because your agent told you to choose a course I’ve met so many people who just came to the UK telling me Oh I’m studying this particular course I had no idea my agent just told me that it’s one of the you know good courses you can study the UK and I just jumped I just wanted to leave my country another stuff and these guys are struggling big time you know there’s some things you can’t even tell people you can’t share with people you just keep it to yourself I don’t understand struggling make sure because you’re studying has got like a prospect after completion of that program now another thing you need to ensure is that you need to make research to confirm if you need additional skills to back your degree before you can land a job in the UK now this is the way it works if you study particular course in the UK it’s important for you to check out the requirements or the you know criteria they’re looking at for candidates and some of the skills they expect you to have now for someone let me know I’m planning on moving into um the business analyst role after the completion of my program and you know I already know some of the courses I needed because the truth is there are thousands of other International students study the same course you studied across various universities in the United Kingdom so the question now is what is going to give you leverage what’s going to give you like age you know over those other candidates applying for the same world so if you need a new skill that you can actually start sticking up while you’re still in school or probably at the end of your program you need to have those you know thoughts and those ideas in mind before choosing to study that course and if those skills are available to you know learn in the United Kingdom so there’s some of those things you need to put into consideration before deciding to study any course in the UK now some of the degrees and courses you shouldn’t study in the United Kingdom and this list is based on the uh statistics for in the UK based on their employability rate upon completion of your program so some of these courses you should definitely avoid it now the first course I’ll be mentioning in this video is languages linguistic and Classics the employability rate for this course in the UK is 79.8 percent like it’s it’s a local area I should just ensure that you try as much as possible to avoid study this kind of course in the UK if not you might end up not getting a job upon completion of your studies now that comes into ensure you avoid is philosophy and religious studies now many of the things we’ll be learning and okay let’s just talk about the employability rate it’s 82.4 percent employability rates one day after graduation so it’s a course that you find very difficult to secure a job upon completion of your program another course you need to avoid and you should not study in the UK as an international student is politics guys just avoid studying into that so with political science in the UK you might end up struggling to get a job upon completion now and that cost you should avoid studying is communication and media yeah it might be a journalist about your home country and you’re probably looking for a way to you know Venture into the same in the UK I would personally advise you because the employment the employability rates for this course is 83.2 percent honestly try and avoid this course because many of those of many of this job in this particular field are for people that have got like loads of years of experience so you might struggle struggle getting a job if you study this course and that comes to avoid is Humanities and liberal acts honestly I don’t know why people choose to study this particular should avoid is creative art and language honestly just avoid this course doing great creative Art and Design rather just avoid this coins because it’s 3.5 percent employability rate so we know these courses don’t have like transferable skills so it’s very difficult for you to land a job in the UK

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