June 16, 2024

if you’re looking to study in the UK you need to think of what courses you should pick and also what courses you should not pick remember in the UK PSW is given only to those whose courses are 12 months or more the first piece of advice do not offer any courses which are less than one year course as this will not give you a PSW so today the courses which I’ll cover don’t have too many job opportunities or I should say less Visa job opportunities if you want to get PR in the UK current students are already having a hard time in the UK because they didn’t do any research about the UK job market and they just blindly followed what their agents told them remember guys agents are getting good concessions from the University and hence they don’t care what course you choose but you should care and you should do your own due diligence if you’re not convinced what your agent is telling you do not take that course 80 of students struggle here and only 20 percent succeed have you ever thought why what did they do differently why are they getting successful and not you well I’m going to tell you everything today so make sure you stick with me till the end hello guys I’m Sarika and welcome to your knowledge buddy if you guys want to connect with me on Instagram my ideas your knowledge buddy where I do post more updates frequently as compared to YouTube so make sure to come and say hello to me and if you wish to book my one-to-one consolidation you can also do that by the link provided in my video description so today I’m going to talk about the top 10 worst courses to study in the UK for international students who want to settle here so if you are international student considering to study in the UK or if you’re just curious keep watching the video till the end so without any further delay let’s begin the first course is MBA MBA stands for master of Business Administration that provides an overview of key business practices and MBA is not an entry level business qualification it is usually taken by professionals who have gained at least three years of business and management experience since graduating from undergraduate study however even freshers are taking MBA because it’s one of the easiest courses to get into and I know your agents are pushing you to take this course as a success rate of admission is really high so if you’re a fresher or someone with less than three years of experience I would not recommend you to do MBA as this will not land a job in the UK in your field and you may struggle to get a Visa sponsorship in the UK unless until you are exception students and you possess some specialized skills and try to take a course with some specialization rather than a generic course like MBA second course on my list is targeted for freshers and if you guys are watching my video for some time you should already know that UK Market is not favorable for freshers and UK is not degree based Market but experience based market so I personally think this is not the right course for international students please gain some work experience in your country before even planning for higher studies in the UK third on my list is sales and marketing yes this is another course which will not give you Visa sponsorship however there are plenty of jobs for you to work during your PSW so my suggestion is to stay away from courses like MSC digital marketing MSC business with marketing MSA digital marketing communication MSC management with digital marketing Etc remember guys there are few students who are able to get Visa sponsorship with their right planning strategy and networking skills but majority of them are not succeeding I have few examples of people who succeeded with sponsorship and the majority of them are still struggling in the UK the fourth on my list is fashion and interior designing fashion design is another highly competitive field in the UK with limit job opportunities Additionally the pay is not very high and there’s a lot of pressure to be creative and Innovative so stay away from ma luxury brand management MSC International Fashion retailing master of science and corporate brand management so this is just few examples and any courses similar to it I would say stay away fifth I have agriculture science courses mainly Horticulture and viticulture students who are currently studying BSE honors Horticulture or mdsc Horticulture with garden design are struggling to find job in the UK Market I’m not even talking about Visa sponsorship here but even Landing a proper job in their field and most of them are working in Warehouse or retail store and hence my suggestion is to stay away from such courses the sixth course on my list is sports my suggestion is to not take MSC sport Management International sports management and my reasoning is same as well as the other courses which we discussed now seventh on my list is history related if you want to study history and teach in schools and universities I have seen only stem courses teachers getting sponsorship so far in fact from 1st of Feb 2023 if you’re a teacher from this nine countries you can apply for kts which means your chances of getting Visa sponsorship from your country will be much easier now and you don’t even need to come via these study route so I don’t recommend you to take ma history of art ma world history and cultures masters of arts Etc the eighth course on my list is supply chain my reasoning for supply chain is same as MBA so I’ll suggest you guys to stay away from MSC Supply Chain management MSC supply chain and logistic management MSC strategic operations and Supply Chain management Etc the nine course on my list is related to dramatic and creative arts creative dramatic arts is highly competitive filled with limited job opportunities and low pay so I will not suggest you to take masters of Contemporary Art practices or Bachelors of arts master of design master of professional writing Bachelor of Arts in international relation Etc the 10th and the last on my list is Hospitality Leisure and tourism courses the only job under this industry is Chef so if you’re a chef you may get Visa sponsorship much easier as compared to any other job under Hospitality Leisure and tourism industry I know personally students who are currently in the UK and they are struggling to find Visa sponsorship job in this field hence my suggestion is to stay away from the courses like MSC tourism and events management MSA international events and Conference management MSC Global Management Etc so before I conclude this video I want to say this analysis is based on my research and my understanding of the UK Market however you should do your research for your area and look at the new and the latest trends in your area so that you don’t regret later when you arrive in the UK also to know the ground reality try to speak to your seniors and find them on LinkedIn or even try to check what kind of jobs are they doing now and after your full analysis make your decision accordingly all the courses and the jobs which we discussed today are not listed in the UK shortage occupation list which means there will be only few companies who will provide you Visa sponsorship if you are exceptional if you’re wondering why it is not in the UK shortage occupation list the reason is simple because British people are quite good in management and strategic skills and planning so they have plenty of people here who are available locally who can do that kind of job and hence getting Visa sponsorship is not easy and again it’s not impossible either most of the people who get Visa sponsorship they specialize in one job rather than jack of all trades and master of none so learn new skills or those skills which are in demand and get yourself specialized in one area by the way do you know the high demand jobs in the UK 2023

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