June 16, 2024

I’m going to tell you 10 facts about master’s degree in the UK that will help you make sense of postgraduate education hi guys I’m buleria from my integrity calm and welcome to another video if this is your first time here and you wish to get advice and tips on education career in the UK then subscribe to my channel and hid identification button to make sure your receive an update every time I post a video every Wednesday if you can’t figure out what masters courses are all about and if you’re considering to study in the UK in this video I will help you clarify some important information about masters degrees in the UK I have done my masters course at UCL and I’ve done a lot of research beforehand to make sure I get into that University and now I advise students through my consultancy on different aspects of British education so I believe I have the crucial information you need so let’s jump straight into 10 facts about masters degree in the UK fact number one you can apply to as many universities as you wish but each application will cost you from 50 to 250 pounds so be very careful when choosing which universities you apply for don’t just apply for the sake of apply i have precise the importance of research make sure you check the entry requirements and make sure you understand the course you applying for when I was choosing universities I applied to three different universities and five different courses and got offers for all of them this was enough for me to make sure I choose the right course for me at the same time I spread the risks to make sure I get the offer so that I didn’t just apply for one course and waited for magic to happen the price of the application will be stated on the university website and for masters degrees you all supplies to University website fact number two you’ll usually need a 2/1 upper second-class at the bachelors level or equivalent if you wish to apply for master’s course at the best British universities – one is equivalent of getting a 3.0 to 3.5 GPA score or earning a 60% above any total degree marks – 1 is the second-best degree you can earn in the UK and I did this video on UK grading system you can watch it – to make sure you understand how your degree is calculated in the UK yes of course there are exceptions and some universities will consider you if you don’t have these marks but prestigious universities will definitely ask for this requirement also if you plan to Oxford or Cambridge or other top universities in the UK a high level of degree a first or 70% and above will be required or if not required it will increase your chances of getting that offer number three there are always English language requirements if your first degree was not taught in English and if English is not your first language you can either prove that English is your first language ordered here from an english-speaking country or take one of the many English certifications available the most popular ones that are considered by universities are IELTS and TOEFL usually British universities will ask for 6.5 points in IELTS or 92 points and tofu but best universities for example UCL for my course asked for 7.5 points in IELTS or hunger the nine points in tofu fact number four when applying for master’s degree in UK you will need to submit a personal statement as CV and two references you see you should include all your education and work experience history and I even suggest updating your CV based on a subject and course your plan – to make sure all the information you include is very well in the UK series I usually want to purchase more personal statements are usually wanted to purchase long as well but it will depend on University and Prasad statement you should explain how your past experience in education and career will help you pursue a certain master’s degree it should also include your motivation for studying a particular course at a particularly University clearly demonstrate your career plans and finally you should choose two people who will be your referees and will submit references on you to particularly interest usually one of your references must be academic so seven will be a previous university or institution but second one can be professional so someone from your book experience who knows you from a professional environment if you need any personal help on choosing the University a master’s degree and help us application process then head to our website and check out my personal consultations fact number five each University will have a different price for master’s degree it’s not sat at the same level as for bachelors course there are different prices for British or EU students and international students so if you’re British or from European Union and average price for master’s course for you will be seven to fourteen thousand pounds if you’re an international student so if you’re not from Britain or European Union then the average price for master’s course will be from fourteen to twenty three thousand pounds the price of the course will depend on the university you’re going to go to and the course you go to fact number six there are five main types of master’s degree qualifications first one is Masters of Arts and it is offered in most subjects in arts humanities or social sciences second one is Masters of Science and you get this qualification if you complete a taught master’s in science or technology subject third one is masters of research and you get this qualification if you pursue an independent research study rather than thought masters course first qualification is master of philosophy or and feel and it looks more like a PhD it’s a very long-term research project that takes more than one year and finally Masters of Business Administration or MBA and the name speaks for itself it’s a master’s in business and usually you can only apply to this course if you have at least two years of relevant work experience fact number seven usually you don’t have to do the same course at masters level as your first degree so if you studied for example geography at the bachelors level you can still do finance as a master’s course universities will consider applicants with non-relevant degrees if they can clearly demonstrate the relevant work experience or genuine interest in a particular field of course it will depend on University and the course you’re applying to but don’t be afraid to explore a new field of study fact number eight masters courses are usually one year long if you’re going to study a full-time course or two years long if you’re going to do a master’s course part-time number nine it is easier to get a scholarship to study a master’s degree rather than and get a scholarship to study a bachelor’s degree I did a video on to UK government scholarships and you can watch it here there are opportunities to get a masters course in the UK for free but there are also other opportunities for example some universities will give you a reduction on the course fees there are some companies that will sponsor the employees to make sure they are qualified and also some countries will sponsor the citizens to acquire a master’s course from the UK and the final fact fact number ten is that master’s degree is your real opportunity to specialize in your area of interest and increase your employability so help you with your career there is a great choice of very specific courses available so you can really specialize in your field of work yet if you just want to do something more broad that will help you stand out in the job market and help you with your career search then you can do something like marketing your business I hope you like my 10 facts about master’s degrees in the UK but if you still need help head to my website I have lots of useful information and personal consultations available if you

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