June 16, 2024

wow this place is busy there are cars buses and people everywhere oh this is Oxford Street one of the most famous places for shopping in the world we must be in London foreign just so much to see and do in London so I’m back for another visit let’s go and take a look at some more sites around London foreign this is Trafalgar Square it is a well-known public space the square is named after a famous battle in British history there is a tall column in the middle of the square and several statues of lions oh look what’s on top of that plinth there’s something very unusual here it’s a sculpture of a squirt of cream with a cherry on top oh there’s a fly on it too many different sculptures have been placed on the plinth such as a horse skeleton a ship in a bottle and a bright blue Cockerel time to leave Trafalgar Square and go somewhere new Let’s Take a Ride On The Underground we are back at Oxford Street this is Europe’s busiest Street for shopping there are many well-known department stores here such as the world famous selfridges you’ll find more than just shops on Oxford Street there are restaurants cafes and even nightclubs here a long time ago the street was known as tyburn Road it was a place where prisoners were publicly hanged don’t worry this doesn’t happen anymore the street is very different today now why don’t we go and do some shopping foreign why don’t we go for a walk hmm what’s that when walking around London you may see red telephone boxes they are a common sight in London and the rest of the United Kingdom these days most people use mobile phones they don’t need to use the telephone boxes in some places in the UK they have turned them into little libraries okay let’s keep walking oh look we are in a big Park it looks very peaceful here this is Hyde Park it is the largest park in Central London why don’t we take a look around what’s this it’s the Princess Diana Memorial fountain the water flows over different types of surfaces the sound is very calming okay let’s move on there are lots of things to do in Hyde Park you can take a boat out onto the river relax in a deck chair and watch the world go by say hello to some very friendly squirrels listen to public speeches at Speaker’s Corner have something you want to say stand on a box and say it Hyde Park isn’t the only Park in London let’s move on to Kensington Gardens this park is very close to Hyde Park look at this pretty place there are lots of fountains here this place is known as the Italian Gardens it’s very nice here okay let’s continue walking through Kensington Gardens oh wow look at this building it’s Kensington Palace this is a Royal Palace it was the birthplace of one of England’s most famous Queens Queen Victoria you can find a statue of her outside the palace inside the palace you can see Queen Victoria’s childhood doll’s house and Puppet Theater can explore the many rooms that the kings and queens would have used to carry out Royal duties foreign we are back outside the palace what’s that noise it sounds like chirping oh there are parakeets here these are ringnecked parakeets these beautiful green birds are normally found in India and parts of Africa people are unsure how they got here okay let’s leave Kensington Gardens and go somewhere new instead of walking how about we take a bus these big red buses are found almost everywhere in London they are a great way to travel around the city look over there this is Piccadilly Circus it’s very busy there are lots of people and cars here look at this billboard with lots of advertisements on it these Billboards weren’t always big screens they have changed a lot over the years the first billboard was put up over a hundred years ago just over there is Leicester Square this is a part of London known for its entertainment there are many theaters here where plays and musicals are performed it’s a great place for a night out let’s go somewhere new wow what’s this beautiful building it’s the Natural History Museum this is a very popular place to visit with children at the Museum you can learn all about animals the Earth and space you may even see a dinosaur don’t worry this one isn’t real you can however find lots of dinosaur fossils here in the museum look up there that’s a skeleton of a blue whale you don’t see one of those every day foreign I hope you enjoyed your visit to London

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