June 16, 2024

in this video i’ll share the top mistakes   international students make when it  comes to studying and working in the uk   so if you don’t want to make these  mistakes then keep on watching my video hi guys i’m valeria and i’m a career consultant  for international students in the uk i help them   secure their first job in the uk after studies  and also i help students decide which course is   the best for them when it comes to studying in the  uk actually i’m an ex-international student myself   and my first job after university was working in  hr in investment bank in London but now i’m an   independent career consultant and throughout  my career i have connected with hundreds   perhaps thousands of international students and  i have noticed some common mistakes people make   in this video i’ll give you seven mistakes that  international students make in my opinion and   i do hope this video will ensure that your time  in the uk is super productive and successful the   first mistake that international students make  is actually not thinking about career options   of the course they decide to study in the uk so  let me explain what do i mean by this mistake   well actually i have people  reaching out to me and saying   valeria i’m doing my MBA from this university  which job should i pursue afterwards well i   think if you are pursuing a post graduate course  in the uk and you’re paying thousands of pounds   you should already know your career options before  you pay for your course or you relocate to the uk   why is that because there should be  a reason why you’re doing a course   perhaps you are trying to learn new skills  perhaps you’re trying to change careers perhaps   you’re trying to go into more depth into a certain  career so specialize a bit maybe you’re trying to   gain new valuable practical knowledge so it is  very strange to only think about what job you can   do after your course only once you’re ready in the  uk be very careful the lots of education agents or   similar that just push you into a course and say  yeah yeah that is good but they are not career   experts or they don’t have your career aspirations  in mind or they don’t have your career goals in   mind obviously it’s hard to know what your career  options are career goals if you are just 18 17   19 years old i’m not talking about bachelor  students you have a bit more time if you’re   a bachelor student to figure it out on the way  but if you’re doing a post graduate qualification   which is usually for more mature students at  least that already completed a bachelor’s course   do think about what is the career purpose of you  doing a particular course don’t make that mistake   the mistake number two that international  students make is choosing a course in the uk   because they think it will get them a job yes of  course you need to think about the career options   and which sectors usually sponsor and which areas  can get you a job that’s very smart thing to do   but the mistake is is just going for a course  because you’re saying that will guarantee you   a job or because you’ve heard that someone else  got a job after this course or because you’ve   heard that engineering let’s say is a very good  sector in the uk to get a graduate job or get   a job on a skilled worker visa no course is a  perfect solution for all if someone else pursues   engineering and gets a job in the uk it doesn’t  mean it suits you don’t choose the course just   because you think it will guarantee you a job  because no course guarantees you a job and when   you’re saying what’s the scope of this course what  is my chances of getting a job after this course   there is no one answer because there is so much  more to job application than just having a degree   there is also work experience there are skills  there are strengths there are leadership qualities   there are achievements outside your course  and on your course so i would say if someone   else got a job in the uk by doing some course  it doesn’t mean it will be the same for you   you need to apply to a course that will help you  personally will highlight your strengths that   will meet your personal interest in a career that  will uh ensure that you do well in the course guys   i’d like to invite you to a free webinar that i’m  hosting and it will happen very soon i want you to   register so you can attend a live lecture it will  be one hour and me giving you advice on how to   get a job in the uk after your studies to register  this webinar please go to my website myndagra.com   webinar and i’ll hope to see you there the mistake  number three that national students make in the   uk is actually not socializing outside their  language nationality or country group english is   not the first language for me it’s not the first  language for most traditional students in the uk   and i know can be hard to go and make friends  with people when you’re not confident in your   language or maybe even with british people when  you feel like well they’re not interested in me   they don’t care about my culture but if you don’t  get outside your comfort zone you’ll never improve   your communication skills it’s very important  to socialize with other international students   so speak english get to know their  backgrounds get to know their career   plans and also don’t just stay with people you’re  comfortable with because when it comes to work   when it comes to working in the uk you’ll have  to socialize with people from all over the world   and you have to be prepared and you have to  be comfortable before your first day at work   the reason why uk is so great for studying is not  because of the education or career opportunities   it’s also about the environment you surround  yourself with people british but also people from   all over the world so use this opportunity to make  global connections to learn more about the world   to find out more about the cultures just know  how to communicate with people from different   countries it is a valuable skill if you want  to make career in a global company or in the uk   you really need these skills if you want to return  back to your home country and never use english   again or never speak to foreigners again then this  mistake does not apply for you this leads me very   naturally to the next mistake international  students make which is lack of networking   networking is forming professional relationships  for exchange of information opportunities and   it’s a very important skill to have when  you are an international student in the uk   if you don’t want to use linkedin make sure  you go to events organized by your university   10 organization your 10 career talks because  you can meet experts from your field you   can meet future colleagues you can meet  future bosses now i am a career consultant   and i do reach out to people i  have met at university to help   me advise other students to get a job in reality  linkedin gives us endless opportunities to   connect with people from all industries and all  jobs but also when kovit is down we have this   in-person networking opportunities start from your  lecturers start from people on the course or other   courses and then you can also move to people  in your industry studying uk again is not just   about knowledge you get it’s also the professional  network you get so make sure you acquire one while   you are in the uk mistake number five i’ve noticed  that a lot of national students think of psw   or graduate root visa as a solution why am i  so confident that people do that because when i   post a video about psw or graduate root or when i  make a post about my instagram page people comment   they ask me questions am i eligible valeria  will i get it what should i do to get it much   less common the questions are valeria how do you  make my profile strong malaria how do i get the   job malaria which jobs should they target or how  do you make sure i stand out from other candidates   these questions are much less common because  they require a lot of effort on the person that   is asking a question right they require you to  actually go and make changes and apply for jobs   but people just want quick solutions they want to  switch to this visa and no they don’t have to care   about looking for a sponsor and yes psw is amazing  or graduate is amazing visa yes you can rely on it   for two years but it’s not the solution it just  gives you more time and it doesn’t mean that you   shouldn’t be thinking about your uh job hunting  or about your job searching strategy while you’re   still studying just because you have for this  graduate route no you will finish your course and   you the sooner you get a job the better even if  you can’t get a skilled worker visa you still   need to be thinking about how to get a good job on  psw your relevant job the job will help you get a   skilled worker visa in the end just to motivate  you on that point i didn’t have psw lots of my   clients past clients didn’t have the graduate root  of psw option and they managed to get the job and   i managed to get the job so you can do that as  well i know it’s harder now because of covert   but you might not even need the psw option then  this leads me to my next mistake that i’ve noticed   people make which is thinking that the lack of  interviews or job offers is due to the student   visa status or because you are not British so i  have a lot of people reaching out to me and saying   valeria i have applied for 10 jobs and i never  heard back i never been invited to an interview   and it’s all because i’m on a visa and i’m always  skeptical and i’m just thinking okay send me your   cv send me your cover letter tell me which jobs  you have applied and i review all these documents   i review the strategy and i find out that actually  the problem is not the visa if the British person   applied for the same documents the same strategy  they probably wouldn’t have been called for an   interview either yes the reality is that sometimes  you can’t progress because of your visa status   it’s true a lot of companies reject automatically  or they don’t pass you to the next stage   they don’t make you enough an offer that’s true  but it’s not as black and white it’s not that you   won’t be able to get any interviews quite often  the reason why international students don’t get   into use is because the candidate profile is weak  so the cv cover letter application or maybe is not   selling themselves right maybe not applying for  the right jobs or they’re just not applying enough   to a lot of jobs and let me surprise you a lot of  British people once they graduate a lot of British   citizens struggle to get graduate jobs struggle  to get the first job out of university and it’s   not to do with the visa status it is because it’s  competitive because sometimes they don’t have the   luck and sometimes because i don’t have the right  skill strategy or cv so please don’t blame the   lack of effort on your job searching strategy  on your visa status people get interviews on   student visas probably every day maybe multiple  times a day i know guys i’m very passionate   about this topic i’m trying to really uh get  my mind’s mindset to you’re really trying to   push my ideas to you i hope you don’t feel like  i’m rude but let me give you the final mistake   i’ve noticed people make when it comes to studying  in the uk as international student the mistake   number seven is thinking that a graduate scheme in  a top company is your only career option so again   international students come to me and say valeria  i have missed the deadline for kpmg or pwc   or i have been rejected for all the graduate  schemes that’s it i can’t get a job in the uk this   year i’ll probably have to wait for next year or  i have to go back home and then return or i just   don’t know what to do well surprise actually there  are tons of jobs in a small to medium-sized firms   there are tons of jobs outside the graduate  scheme programs and it doesn’t mean you’ll have   a worse career path it doesn’t mean that you  have lost the competition or that you are just   not doing something right no there are graduate  schemes and there are other ways of starting   your career in the uk and medium size firms  sponsor visas small size firm sponsor videos so   actually if you didn’t get the graduate  scheme you might have even a better career   path you might even get a better pay i’m  not guaranteeing it but i’m just saying that   not getting grad scheme on a  top bank or top consultancy firm   is not the end of the day it’s not the end of the  game no it’s not the end of the world and you can   still build your career in the uk you can still  achieve the success you want just be flexible   with your career options and think where else you  can apply your skills you might have to pursue a   different application strategy or job search  strategy you might have to be more proactive   that’s what i recommend to people that are working  with me and i’m not applying for graduate schemes   you might have to focus more networking and  research in these opportunities but it’s   definitely possible so don’t give up on starting  your career in the uk if you didn’t get a graduate   skill okay guys i hope you found this video useful  please don’t leave the video yet give me a thumbs   up it really helps if you have any questions if  you want to debate with me about this reasons do   let me know in the comments i’ll see you in my  next video on this youtube channel called mind   the grad make sure you subscribe and the best  of luck from mind the grad thank you and bye

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