June 16, 2024

today we’re going to look at a very interesting University the University of Birmingham not the University of Birmingham which was formerly known as Birmingham University is a public research University that is located in Birmingham UK now it received its Royal Charter in 1900 as a successor to Queen’s College Birmingham which was founded in 1825 as the Birmingham school of medicine and surgery and the Mason science college now making it the first English Civic or red brick University to receive its own Royal Charter the present illustration of the University was modeled after Cornville University the student population includes 23 155 undergraduate and 12 605 post-graduate students in 2019 and 20. the annual income of the University guys for 2020 and 2021 was 774.1 million pound of which are 168 0.3 million pounds was from research grants and contracts now the University is also home to the barber Institute of Fine Arts housing The Works of Van Gogh and Picasso now the thing over here that needs to be mentioned and obviously the clarification that is required is the history behind the University of Birmingham and the reason why it has become the most sought out University in the world right now the earliest beginnings of the University was originally traced back to the Queen’s College which is linked to the William San Cox in his aims of creating a medical school along strictly Christian lines unlike the Contemporary London medical schools and after further research was revealed the roots of the Birmingham Medical School is the medical education seminars of John Tomlinson’s the first surgeon to the Birmingham workhouse infirmary and later to the Birmingham General Hospital these classes were held in January 1767 and 68 which were the first such lectures that were held in England or Wales in 1999 talks commenced on the possibility of Aston University integrating itself into the University of Birmingham as the University of Birmingham Aston campus this would have resulted in the University of Birmingham expanding to become one of the largest universities in the UK with a student body of 30 000 students and talks were halted in 2001 after Aston University determined the timing to be inappropriate while Aston University’s management was in favor of the integration and reception among the staff was generally positive the Aston Student Union voted 2-1 against the integration and despite this setback the vice Chancellor of the University of Birmingham said that the doors remained open to recommence the talks with Aston universities are still ready now the thing over here that you need to keep in mind is that University is absolutely brilliant with this multiple campus the original building the main campus of the Union University occupies a site of some three mile long Southwest of Birmingham city center it is arranged around Joseph Cumberland Memorial Clock Tower a grand compiled Nation with commensurations with a University’s first Chancellor now many consider the founder of the Birmingham University and was largely responsible for the University’s gaining its Royal Charter in 1900 and for the development of the campus as well the campus itself draws its inspiration from a number of different buildings around the world and the medieval clock tower that forms part of the Town Hall in Selena Italy is the main inspiration when it was built it was described as the intellectual Beacon of the Midlands by the Birmingham post now Birmingham university has departments covering a wide range of subjects on August 1st 2008 the university system was restructured into five colleges which are composed of a number of schools the first one being art and law the second engineering and physical sciences the Third life environment and Sciences the fourth being the medical and dental Sciences the fifth social sciences and the sixth which is the liberal arts and sciences now the university is home to a number of research centers and school including the Birmingham business school the oldest Business Schools in England the University of birmingham’s medical school the International Development Department and The Institute of local government studies the idd is a multi-disciplinary academic Department that is focused on poverty reduction through developing effective governance systems and the department is one of the leading UK centers for the postgraduate study of International Development the department has been described as being a highly regarded long-established specialist unit with a global reputation by the independent now there are also off-campus establishment and a number of University centers schools institutions are located away from its two campuses like the Shakespeare institution and Stafford upon Avon also the Iron Bridge institution and Ironbridge the School of Dentistry in the Birmingham city center and the Raymond center near Lake District which is used for Outdoor Pursuits and field work in 2022 the U.S news and World Report dragged Birmingham as the 91st in the world in 2019 it was ranked 137th among the universities around the world by the institutions ranking but in 2021 the Times Higher Education placed Birmingham University as the 12th best university in the UK in 2013. Birmingham was named University of the year for 2014 in the Times Higher Education now in 2015 the complete University guide has placed Birmingham fifth in the UK for graduate perspectives as well now all the different departments are available and this is a common mistake which students tend to make is that they don’t understand that they’re applying to in school or the university itself for example if you’re doing business studies you would get admission at the University of Birmingham but you will be studying in the business school so obviously as we have mentioned the business school is one of the best in the world so the education that you would be getting is obviously top notch in regards to the admission in terms of average ucas points of Entry Birmingham ranked 25th in Britain in 2014 and according to 2017’s times and Sunday Times Good University guide approximately 20 of birmingham’s undergraduate came from Independent Schools and the university gives offers of admissions to 79.2 percent of its applicants the eighth highest amongst the Russell group in 2016 and 17 the Academic Year the university has a domicile breakdown of 76 518 of UK EU and non-eu student respective with a female to male ratio of 56 to 44. the University of birmingham’s Guild of students is the University Student Union originally The Guild of undergraduate the institution has its first foundations in the Mason science College in the center of Birmingham in 1876 the Gilmore supports a variety of student societies and volunteering projects roughly around 220 at any one time the guild complements these societies and volunteering projects with professional staff services as well there’s a lot of sports that are available at the University as well that you can take part in and the housing is absolutely brilliant the university provides housing for most of the first year students running in guarantee scheme for all the UK applicants who choose Birmingham as their firm choice in their ucas with 90 percent of the universities provided housing is inhabited by first-year students the university maintains gender segregated Halls until 1999 but now obviously depends on what the requirement and need of the student is going to be if you have any questions guys you can always ask in the comment section below and if you have not watched our videos on how to apply to the University of Birmingham click in the description above over here and check it out I’m going to put the link of it in the description below as well so you can go over there and check it we have covered a number of of universities around the world so if you need any support at any University and how to apply for it and for the scholarship you can always check them out on our channel the educational network if you have not subscribed to our channel do subscribe to the channel and do not forget to press the Bell icon share this video with your friends and with your family on your Facebook on your WhatsApp on your Instagram as well so more people can get benefit and understand what university they need to apply to stay tuned for our next video Until then take care

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