June 16, 2024

the United Kingdom you know United Kingdom is one of the most technological places in the world you know and I’m so excited to be here and deliver content to you topnotch content so guys um I’m also going to tell you more about this University but then before I do that I’m going to share with you about what I found out about the people of the United Kingdom so the question is should you move to the ukuk or should you go to to Europe so you know this might be a question that a lot of people have you know especially if you’ve never been to these countries but I personally who has lived in Europe for a couple of years and I’ve come to the United Kingdom I’m going to be sharing with you things you need to know so that you can be able to make an informed decision regarding where to move to if you intend to study or if you want to hustle abroad okay or if you want to kind of look for a place where you can move with your family where you can have peace of mind and everything before I do that if you haven’t subscribed make sure you click that subscribe button and make sure you click on the Bell so that you be notified whenever I drop content and if you’re excited about this content please like this video by clicking the thumbs up icon to support it okay all right so number one reason why I would recommend you to move to the UK or to come to the UK is that UK people are nice people you know compared to Europe okay um UK people are polite to be honest with you are polite I’m not trying to say that there are no nice people in Poland or nice people in the in the European Union there are but um based on my encounter with people I noticed that they are really polite and you know obviously you would like to go to a place where people respect you you know especially if you’re a person of color you come from you know from Africa from Asia you you like a place where people are going to respect you so this is why I would uh kind of recommend that you should come to the UK you know because they are life now the second reason why I would like you to come to the UK is that you you were able to integrate faster because there are mixed people here like you see people from India from Asia from Africa from the Caribbean and from other places you know unlike when you go to Europe some places in Europe you find out there are more Europeans there and you know so it will be easier for you to integrate into the society and this is one of the reasons why I would encourage you to come here now if you’re looking for facility like you want Beauty you know here is majestic to be honest with you like it’s the most beautiful place I’ve been to to be quite honest with you and I would really recommend that you come to the United Kingdom if this is what you’re looking for if you’re somebody of fashion somebody of beauty then United Kingdom is a place I would recommend that you should come to okay and also in the United Kingdom there are some schools that are kind of affordable you know it depends on where you’re coming from you know and currently I am in one of the cheapest university in the United Kingdom and I would like you to watch out for that content I’m going to be sharing with you regarding the things you need to know about this particular University and to tell you that it is possible for you to come to this University don’t think as if you need to be super rich in order to study in United Kingdom it is possible you know and in that video I’m going to be giving you breakdown and some of the things you need to know about this University and to tell you that it is possible to move to this University

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